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I Was Not Keeping My Milk Down

This site is of particular interest to me because I love babies and children.   I personally had a problem keeping my milk down around age 3 months, as an infant. I had a tumor growing on the back of my tongue causing me to choke, gag and vomit and had to have surgery at 4 months of age to remove the tumor.

My mom was extremely stressed.  And as you can imagine, if I was not keeping my milk down, I was not thriving and probably was losing weight. That is why I think a baby scale is of utmost importance if you have a baby that is in poor health or has failure to thrive.  Or even just to alleviate the stress and wondering if your baby is gaining weight properly.

Monitor Your Baby

You can monitor your baby’s weight at home with a baby scale, saving on Doctor office visit charges, in which your baby’s weight is checked often. And you still work with your Doctor at the other necessary visits.

So I have searched for some of the best baby scales as reported by users and you can read the reviews of those. Along with other helpful tips on baby weight and nursing.

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