HealthPro EBB-1 “Watch-Me-Grow” Baby Scale

Baby Weight Scale: HealthPro “Watch Me Grow”

healthpro ebb-1This scale can really ease your mind, by tracking your baby’s weight and growth at home. In U.S. see here: HealthPro EBB-1 Digital Baby Scale. For Canadians, Click here

When you need to track your baby’s weight, it is important to have a baby scale.

How To Use

You use the baby weight scale in this way: Measure the weight before feeding and after feeding. This way you can see how much milk is being consumed.

A grow chart is included, which will be very handy. You will be able  to keep a grow chart of the measurements from day to day, so that you get an overall view of weight gain and can go over that with your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

health pro EBB-1 baby scale

HealthPro has made the cutest Scale. As you can see, it has an animal face with legs on the side. It looks like a little dog to me.

Design Features

There is a LCD screen, as you can see above that is easy to read.

The unit has a comfortable scooped out area that you would place your baby in, or if a toddler and can sit, he or she would sit up in that area.

It will measure up to one tenth of an ounce. It will measure in ounces or in kilograms. There is also a measuring tape and a growth chart to keep track of your child’s weight and height.

It will need 4 AA Batteries, which are not included.

It will hold a child up to 44 pounds.

Soothing Baby Scale

It is called a “soothing baby scale” because it plays pre loaded soothing music to calm and keep your little one happy.


  • The soothing baby scale UPC number is 813789016816
  • The Item model number is EBB-1
  • And Amazon’s u.s. ASIN is B00FQRXF22

Pet Scale

Also note than many people who want to weigh kittens, puppies or other small animals will like this pet scale as well.

Baby Scale Ratings

Customers who commented on their purchase have given this 4.3 stars out of 5, when everything is tallied up.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Many customers were happy to be able to keep track of their baby’s weight and said the unit was easy to use.¬† People loved that it could weigh in tenths of an ounce. Animal owners were pleased with it as well.

Cons: I have only seen one complaint that they thought the shape was weird and they did not like placing the baby on the hard surface.

Notes – about the small unit and hard surface complaint:

This is not a large scale, as you can see from the second picture. However, many little ones needing weighing are premies, and once children get to be a toddler, they can sit up on the platform. This will work just fine.

I would suggest that you first weigh a pad or light blanket, place the baby on that, then subtract that weight from the final weight.

Where to Buy

baby weight scaleIt is time to quit worrying about your little one’s weight. Using this gives you peace of mind and you can run the weight gain or lack of by your doctor if you have any concerns.

The scale can be purchased at and includes a grow chart. They are a secure site, and I order things from them as well. They will deliver right to your door, which I really like.

Order baby weight scale here: In U.S. see here: HealthPro EBB-1. For Canadians, Click here


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