Baby Scale Reviews

baby and infant weightBaby Scales Reviews

It is important to keep track of baby and infant weight to see how your little one is growing.

Especially if your baby was born premature, underweight or has a failure to thrive situation as a little one or toddler.

Take a look at the following baby scale reviews:


Tanita BD-585 (BD585) Digital Tanita BD-585Pediatric Scale – this one is oversized / broad, which leaves plenty of room for your little one. Being portable, it has a lot of advantages. Read this baby scale review if you want a pediatric scale such as they might use in the doctors office.



salter baby scaleSalter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale is one of the best selling. It makes a bear face, when you take the top tray off and can be used for both babies and toddlers.




Health O Meter baby scaleHealth o Meter Baby Scale HDC100KD-01 (HDC100-01) is another best seller. Note it also has a bear face scale to stand on, or you can use the tray to weigh your little one.




Health O Meter 553KLHealth O Meter 553KL Digital Portable Pediatric Scale with Extra-Wide Tray – the portable pediatric scale has a large tray and raised edges. Being close to the “ground” it is going to be a very safe scale.




Health ProEBB-1 With BabyHealthPro EBB-1 “Watch-Me-Grow” with Soothing Music – This is such a cute scale. It has an animal face with legs on the side, like a little dog. It is low to the ground and will measure in tenths of an ounce.




Infant ScaleThe First Years American Red Cross Soothing Scale Review – this digital scale has a large readout which is good, as well as it can be set to pounds, ounces or kilograms.




Fao Schwarz Baby ScaleFAO Schwarz Baby And Toddler Scale, White – the infant scale has a lcd readout and will weigh in weight in ounces, pounds or kilograms. Not available at this time.




UltraScale MBSC-55ULTRASCALE MBSC-55 Digital Baby Pet Scale Review has a detachable display of the readout. This infant scale is nice if you want to work around such things as a bulky blanket. It is also versatile and will weigh other things besides a baby.



baby scale reviewsUsing a baby scale gives you peace of mind that your baby or toddler is gaining weight properly and staying within the acceptable weight range. These baby scale reviews will help you pick the best one for your situation and budget.




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