Health Insurance For A Newborn Baby

What You Need to Know about Health Insurance for a Newborn Baby

health insurance newborn babyEvery insurance plan is different. You can’t expect every plan to cover everything, and not every plan does. That said, there is one thing all insurance plans do cover, and that’s infant care. That said, there are a few things a new parent needs to know.

Qualifying Events and New Health Insurance

By law, new parents are allowed 30 days to alert their insurance company to a new birth. Of course, the insurance company likely knows the birth has happened. They’re being billed for the medical procedures. So what this really means is that you have 30 days to fill out the paperwork. This is because having a child is considered a “qualifying event”.

A qualifying event is an occurrence that allows you to change the details of your insurance plan without a fee for negating the contract. Normally a person is locked in to the insurance plan they’ve purchased for the number of years they’ve agreed on, but when something like a new birth or a death in the family occur then it can be done.

Signing an Infant up for Health Insurance

Signing an infant up for a health plan is fairly easy. You’ll be provided a birth certificate and a social security number from the hospital. This will be all the paperwork you need in order to get your infant signed up.

Once you have those, all you have to do is to tell the health insurance company that the baby has been born. If you get your health insurance through your job, you’ll want to contact your employer’s Human Resources department and tell them about the new addition to the family. Once a baby is covered by a health plan, all coverage is applied retroactively, meaning that the actual birth and check ups immediately following the birth are covered from day the baby was born.

You Can Make Changes To Your Health Care Plan

The other option is to change health care plans to something that better suits a baby in the family. Sometimes health plans involving families cost too much through employers and some people find that their current health plans are unsatisfactory. When considering a new health plan for a new family, the main question is whether or not it covers the newborn. Other questions such as co-pays, deductibles and similar issues should guide new parents in choosing a health plan for their new family.

The unfortunate truth is that too many people lack health insurance. Even with the Affordable Care Act, there are cracks through which a number of people slip. No system is perfect, and when the system is especially important those flaws become clear.

Final Thoughts

That said, health insurance for babies is important. Even if you have to get a cheap plan that covers your child’s healthcare and almost nothing else, it’s better than not having that care. Children get sick and injured all the time, the process of giving birth can be dangerous, and you may not be able to work in order to pay for everything. A bit of insurance can help.