Infant Failure To Thrive

Failure To Thrive Infants

infant failure to thriveWhen there is Infant failure to thrive, it is often caused by an insufficient intake of calories or the utilization of the nutrition taken in, in order to grow or maintain growth.

This can be common and usually can be seen during the first couple of years in children. It seriously hampers growth.

It takes optimal nutrition in infancy or as a toddler to have proper growth and development and create good health.

Failure To Thrive Infants versus Rapidly Growing Infants

Normally, rapid growth and rapid development is seen in infancy. A baby who is not thriving will not be gaining weight as expected for his/her age, hence called failure to thrive infants.

Probably the infant would be behind in development of such things as beginning to crawl, trying to stand and beginning to walk as it ages. If age appropriate, the little one may not be talking or talking well, compared to other ones of his/her age bracket.

Growth Chart

For Growth Charts for little ones from newborn to 2 years old from WHO click here. This is a generalization and you would need to see your Doctor for specifics for your child.

Under Nutrition Or Something Else?

failure to thrive infantsFailure to thrive (FTT) in Infants can come from their not getting the nutrition needed from Mother’s milk or Formula. Or it could be something else.

Some questions to ask are:

Is the feeding infant getting an adequate amount of feedings and calories in each day?

Is the milk being swallowed and then digested properly in the digestive tract?

Is there any vomiting of the milk back up, or a reflux condition that would cause the baby to lose some of the milk ingested – hence not getting their full calories for the day?

Are there any other health conditions that would cause failures in glands or organs to operate at optimal levels?

As an example to that, I personally had a problem keeping my milk down at one time as a feeding infant. I had a tumor growing on the back of my tongue causing me to choke, gag and vomit and had to have surgery at 4 months of age to remove the tumor.

Physical Neglect?

Is your little one being held and cared for enough? A person cannot leave the feeding infant in the crib most of the day, being fed from a bottle on their own and expect them to do well emotionally or physically. Ones who do not get touched enough, can have failure to thrive.

A study has been done with Brain Scans comparing little ones who were nurtured and got attention and little ones who were neglected and even abused. It was found that the brain did not develop properly in the neglected babies and  toddlers. Their brain was actually smaller. Click here to read about this.

To neglect a baby or toddler can cause the brain not to develop properly, but includes causing brain chemistry problems and problems in the ability to think things through, that may last a life time as well. To read more Click here.

Work With Your Doctor

Infant failure to thrive can be serious and lead to death. Certainly if there are concerns about your little one’s weight, or you don’t think they are developing as other babies of the same age, contact your Doctor. It might be a case of infant failure to thrive.

failure to thriveFor failure to thrive infants, The Pediatrician may suggest a scale such as the Health O Meter Baby Scale to daily check on your baby’s weight at home, while you work with the Doctor on the problem.