Best Baby Scale Reviews

Best Baby Scale Reviews And Information

baby scaleWhen you bring your infant home from the hospital, or perhaps a little later, you start to look for the best baby scale or perhaps you call it an infant scale or a digital baby scale, as it will be just the thing you need. Read through the reviews.

You will want to keep track and chart the progress of your infant for it’s first few weeks, and really on into the toddler months.

It Saves Money

A Doctors visit to weigh your little one can cost between $35 and $80, according to some feedback, so buying one of these is a good investment. If you pay for visits, or have a copay, you can save quite a bit of money with a digital baby scale.

Use An Infant Scale To

  • establish birth weight
  • check weight gain during the growth process
  • make sure your baby is ingesting enough milk

Best Baby Scale

The best selling baby scale at a moderate price is the Health o Meter HDC100KD-01 “Grow with Me” Teddy Bear Scale for Babies and Toddlers

The next best seller at a little higher price is the Salter Baby Scale

And at the higher priced, but higher quality level, the best infant scale sold is the Tanita BD-585 (BD585) Digital Pediatric Scale

Cat Scale Or Small Dog Scale

And certainly, these can be used to measure weight of dogs, cats and small animals, so they are seen as a Pet Scale.

Measure Fluid Intake

As mentioned above, when checking that your little one is ingesting enough milk, ask your doctor or nurse how much fluid would be appropriate. You would then weigh him/her before feeding and then again after feeding. You can then be sure of an adequate intake of fluids for proper growth.

Toddler Scale

When you look at the digital baby scale, you will see that some convert to a toddler scale when the child is able to stand. Your child will be proud of his/her weight gains, and you can rest at ease about your toddler being within an acceptable weight range for his/her height.

Where To Buy

baby scaleYou will find a nice selection of infant scales here, on sale. So next, go to Best Baby Scale reviews overview.